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1st International Conference on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems

March 2–4, 2015 | Tokyo, Japan

Preliminary Program will follow soon!

REGULAR PAPERS Price-based Energy Control for V2G Networks in the Industrial Smart Grid

MSER Based Text Localization Using Double-Threshold Scheme for Multi-language in Natural Scene

Best-Response Distributed Subchannel Selection for Minimizing Interference in Femtocell Networks

Reversible and Embedded Watermarking of Medical Images for Telemedicine

Extended Kalman Filter Based Tag Estimation Method for DFSA RFID Systems

Efficient Key Management System for Large-scale Smart RFID Application

A Hybrid Model Ranking Search Result for Research Paper Searching on Social Bookmarking

Key Frame Extraction for Text Based Video Retrieval Using Maximally Stable Extremal Regions

 Tag-Based and QoS-Aware Mobile Application Search and Management

On Two-Door Three-Dimensional Container Packing Problem under Home Delievery Service

On the Design of Active Crossover Network Using Double Capacitive Uniformly Distributed RC Filter

Time Series Forecasting with Missing Values

A Particle Swarm Optimization with Adaptive Multi-Swarm Strategy for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

Artificial Neural Network-based Maximum Power Point Tracker for the Photovoltaic Application

 A Spatial Data Analysis on Logistics Industry along Yangtze River Economic Belt

Preliminary Study on Industry-Friendly and Native-IP Wireless Communications for Building Automation

The coauthorship network analysis of the Norwegian School of Economics

Object Localization System for Blinds Using Stereo Camera and Edge Orientation Co-occurance Matrices

Robust Differential Evolution for solving Numberical Optimization Problems

Low-Complex Reliable Communications between Wireless Network-Nodes

The Development of Intelligent Service System for Machine Tool Industry: The Comparison of Taiwan Machine Tool Connect (TMTC) Standard with the MTConnect Standard

Performance indicators for complex wastewater pumping stations and pressure mains

A Dual-Issue Embedded Processor For LowPower Devices

VDTA-based Floating Capacitance Multiplier with a Grounded Capacitor


An intelligent diagnosis influenza system based on adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system

Adaptive Population Artificial Bee Colony for Numerical Optimization

Sub-pixel Edge Detection of LED Probes Based On Partial Area Effect

Raising and harvesting strategies for chicken production planning problem

Solving Sudoku Puzzles Using Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm

Headway Optimisation in Competitive Public Transport Systems